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Who We Are

Animo Labs aims to be a leading university-based technology business incubator for the commercialization of research projects, inventions and creative ideas; we also mean to be a thought leader in technology- and innovation-driven entrepreneurship to serve society and country.

We will concretize the vision through the coaching of incubated projects, the sharing of our TBI practices with other universities, the training of techpre practicioners, and the holding of workshops and competitions.

There is no inherent value in a technology per se. The value is determined instead by the business model used to bring it to market. The same technology taken to market through two different business models will yield different amounts of value. An inferior technology with a better business model will often trump a better technology commercialized through an inferior business model.

"Open Business Models", Henry Chesbrough; Harvard Business School Press, 2006

Upcoming Events

An Animo Labs Briefing on NASA Space Apps COVID-19 Edition Challenge
Fri, May 22
May 22, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Animo Labs TBI will be holding a briefing for those who are interested to join the NASA Space Apps COVID-19 Edition Challenge Virtual Boot Camp on May 23-29, 2020 and the Virtual Hackathon on May 30-31, 2020.

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(632) 8524-4611 loc 282

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