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5G Competition is a hackathon and pitching competition that utilizes 5G technology in solving problems in the Philippine economy and society. 

Categories for the competition will focus on the use of 5G technologies in different sectors of the Philippine economy and society:

● 5G for Society – Education, Health Care, and                     Livelihood

● Improve patient health monitoring and remote               consultations

● Address mixed learning gaps and opportunities

● Enhance ways of working of current livelihood such       as farming, fisheries, masonry, etc.

● 5G for Industries – Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics,        E-Commerce

● Increase efficiency of different sectors through wide     scale AI automation and Internet Of Things (IOT)

● Improve customer experience and satisfaction                through personalization and real time customer             insights

● 5G for Smart Cities – Disaster risk management,              Sustainability, Asset and Resource Management,             Transportation

● Transmit and process real time information to solve       traffic, urban planning, disaster risk, and other                 issues

Guidelines for Qualified Entries/Teams

● The competition is open to all PH-based senior high      school, college (undergraduate and graduate)                 students, alumni,                 faculty, and professionals     all throughout the Philippines

● Participants should form a team consisting of 2-5           members

● A team can be a mix of students, faculty, alumni,             and professionals but should include at least 1                 currently enrolled student        or currently                       employed faculty member, at any level, from the           school

● Solutions should be registered under the challenge       category it aims to address

● A team (of the same name) may participate in one        or more of the three challenge categories                        mentioned

● But a team (of the same name) may submit only          one entry in each challenge category

● The owner/s and/or creator/s of the innovation must       be a member(s) of the team submitting the said             innovations as an             entry

● Employees of Animo Labs, Globe Telecom and other     telco companies are not eligible to participate in this     competition

● All team members are encouraged to attend the             content (learning) workshops

● All accepted participants will be certified                           automatically to experience 5G technology or a                simulation of it

● Globe Telecom and Animo Labs are not liable for IP       infringement by entries

● Submission of entry acknowledges the right of                Globe Telecom and Animo Labs to use the general         idea of the entry for             publication and                       promotional purposes

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