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Animo Labs offers incubation services to incubatees to help them build up their work plan, business models, prototypes; aid in finding investors and funding agencies; and provide incubation training and assessment.

Animo Labs also provides co-working spaces and lockers for incubatees as their starting point in their operations.

As the technology business incubator of De La Salle University, Animo Labs can connect incubatees to students, faculty, researchers, experts and resources within the university.


Incubation Support


24x6 supportive environment

Dedicated internet connections

Laguna Campus Fab Lab

Manila Makerspace

special labs


3D printer robotics

24 x 7 server


Workplan design and performance review

Use of tools, methodologies and scorecards

Assessment of entrepreneurial inclinations/intentions

Teamwork health

Value added services

Technical consultant sourcing

Accounting, legal, IP, procurement, corporate governance

Referral to mentors and investment advisers

Grant sourcing

Client pilot testing

Partner meet-up

Investment term sheet & business model review

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