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EVAP Hackathon 2020

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

The EVAP Hackathon 2020 is co-organized and presented by the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) and Animo Labs TBI. to formulate an industry-wide solution consisting of technical and business strategies to transition last-mile transport services to e-trikes.

Battery-operated e-trikes are seen as the future of short-haul delivery and passenger service due to the elimination of exhaust; or to be precise, due to the substitution of the less polluting electric power plant for the exhaust of the conventional 2- or 4-stroke engines.

But the e-trikes face the issues of a) high initial costs, and b) battery charging duration. Past experience in resolving the battery issue have had their problems: faster battery degradation when subjected to fast chargers; additional investment needed for reserve batteries to support battery swapping; unnecessary heating and safety risks of connections when connected continuously and working overtime.

These have affected their competitiveness and have prevented their widespread adoption; although they have been proven workable in areas like Naga, Boracay, Palawan and Pangasinan among others even in the absence of subsidy.

"The challenge is to formulate an industry-wide solution consisting of technical and business strategies to transition last mile transport services to e-trikes.”

Proponents should also identify the existing policies and regulations ( i.e., tricycle franchise limitations, etc. ) that serve as barriers in the implementation of their technology and business plan. Likewise, they have to design their solutions assuming that there will be no government subsidies or fiscal incentives or co-funding.

General Guidelines for Participation:

Open for all students, faculty, researchers and professionals

Must form a team with 2-5 members

Must fully accomplish the EVAP Hackathon Registration Form

The entry should address the challenges mentioned

Only owner/s and/or creator/s of the innovation can submit an entry

All team members are encouraged to attend the content (learning) workshops

EVAP and Animo Labs are not liable for IP infringement by entries

Submission of entry acknowledges the right of EVAP and Animo Labs to use the general idea of the entry for publication and promotional purposes

Assessment of Entries

Schedule of Activities

Cash Prizes


The top entry will receive assistance toward the commercialization of their entry through:

Incubation at Animo Labs TBI to develop their entry and product/service

A chance to apply for funding of product development, prototyping, and market testing

Funding will be based on the submitted workplan and budget and the grantor’s approval

Use of Animo Labs Fab Lab at DLSU Laguna Campus

Mentoring by technology and industry experts

Learn how to apply these and other new concepts:

Technology readiness

Investment readiness

Product-solution fit

Lean canvas

Customer discovery

Competitive advantage

Business model

Register now by clicking the link here.


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