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Innovations in Sustainability: Call for Startups

Updated: May 12, 2022

Innovations in Sustainability is looking for startups and teams whose products and services are related to the following key sustainable areas:

  • Green buildings

    • Design of buildings require less energy consumption and low carbon footprint

    • Construction materials uses renewable sources

  • Sustainable materials/packaging

    • Packaging materials have high reusable capabilities

    • Replacement for single use plastics from biodegradable and sustainable raw materials

  • Waste Management

    • Enhanced/Improved waste sortation and recycling systems

  • Zero-waste supply chain

    • Logistic systems that reduce the production of wastes

  • Renewable energy and low-carbon alternatives

    • Renewable and alternative energy sources that can replace or minimize use of fossil fuels

  • Sustainable transportation

    • Low carbon emission technology for public and private transportation

Who are Eligible to Join?

The following are eligible to join the Call for Startups for Sustainable Practice:

  1. Student teams (as defined below) with at least two team members who were previously part of a team that competed in a previous competition

    1. Senior High Students

    2. Undergraduate Students

    3. Graduate Students

    4. A mix of students, mentors and/or professionals

  2. Startups who are looking for ways to grow/expand their startup

Schedule of Activities:

March 28 - June 10, 2022 Submission of Entries

June 10 - 24, 2022 Selection of Entries

June 27, 2022 Announcement of 15 selected teams

June 28 - July 4, 2022 Preparation of pitch deck

July 5, 2022 Group 1 presentation (5 teams)

July 6, 2022 Group 2 presentation (5 teams)

July 7, 2022 Group 3 presentation (5 teams)

July 8-14, 2022 Deliberation of judges (selection of 5 winners)

July 15, 2022 Announcement of 5 winners


5 selected winners will receive the following:

  • PHP 100,000.00 per team

  • Incubation with Animo Labs

    • Incubation training

    • Enablement workshops for startups

Idea Submission:

Click the link to submit your entry To help you fill out the Idea Submission Form, please refer to the Guide for Filling out the Idea Submission Form below. It would be best to create a draft of your answers before filling out the form.

Innovations in Sustainability
Download PDF • 482KB

Please email for questions and clarifications regarding the event.


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